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Example of research articles in Journal Supply Chain Management


The Journal of Supply Chain Management has been recognized as the best journal for research in logistics and supply chain management. The journal's editors are open to original contributions that shed light on complex operational networks. All research methodologies are welcome. The journal's mission is to encourage discussion. The journal is open to articles using quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods methods. The journal is published online and in print. Visit the journal's website for more information. These articles are research articles that were published in the journal.

Journal of Supply Chain Management

The Journal of Supply Chain Management is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal. It was founded in 1965 and covers the areas of supply chain management, marketing, operations management, and strategic management. The journal is published by Wiley-Blackwell. James Wiley, a professor who wanted to publish articles on supply chain management, founded the journal. This academic journal is gaining in popularity and covering a wider range of topics.

The journal's mission it to publish original articles on Supply Chain Management. It is an academic journal which focuses on both global and operational management. The journal's articles should be grounded in PSM theory or methods and sound methodologically. The journal aims to provide a forum for supply chain professionals and researchers to discuss issues. If you are a scholar of supply-chain management, submit an article to The Journal of Supply Chain Management!

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The Journal of Supply Chain Management is an online peer-reviewed journal devoted to supply chain management. Its content focuses on manufacturing, warehousing, and reverse supply chains, and includes a variety of articles that examine key business issues and provide practical guidance. The Journal publishes the most recent research on various subjects in the field. This Journal is an excellent resource for professionals interested in learning more about supply chain management.

The SCM Journal ListTM is a ranking of the supply chain research output published in top journals. It covers research in supply chain topics and both analytical and empirical areas. The journal list also contains the most cited research papers. The journal's impact factors are determined by the number of citations received for each article. The SCM Journal List is a compilation of the most relevant articles.


If you are looking for research articles in the field of supply chain management, then the Journal of Supply Chain Management is the place for you. The journal is dedicated to publishing original research and high-quality articles that deal with the subject. This journal has published articles on many aspects of supply chain management in its 51st consecutive year of publication. The Journal publishes both articles and case studies as well other research related supply chain management.

Journal of Supply Chain Management's mission is to advance the science of supply-chain management. It focuses on both the global aspect of supply chain management as well as the operational policies and methods. It provides a platform for research discussions and debate. The journal was recently ranked first among 159 related journals in the fields of Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Operations. The journal is heavily focused on the global supply chains management industry. Its content is always changing.

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Common technology for journal supply chain management is EDI. EDI aims improve the value and efficiency of consumer products through better supply chain relationships. ECR allows manufacturers to get more value out of less raw materials by integrating EDI into their supply chain management. ECR is a great choice for manufacturers of consumer goods as it can increase both quality and time to market.

The ECR Model is a collaborative business process that retailers and manufacturers use to manage the supply chain. It is focused on improving the flow and efficiency of goods throughout the supply chain. It also uses various technologies to help manufacturers and retailers improve the efficiency of their operations. The ECR program uses a variety of technologies including Barcode/Scanners, Electric Data interchanges, Cross docking and Action Based costs. The objective of this program is to facilitate the replacement of products in stores. It helps increase the reliability of products and minimizes the costs associated with inventory.


What are the 3 basic management styles?

There are three main management styles: participative, laissez-faire and authoritarian. Each style has strengths and flaws. Which style do you prefer? Why?

Autoritarian – The leader sets the direction for everyone and expects them to follow. This style is most effective when an organization is large, stable, and well-run.

Laissez faire - Each individual can decide for himself/herself. This style is most effective when the organization's size and dynamics are small.

Participative: The leader listens to everyone's ideas and suggestions. This approach works best in small organizations where everyone feels valued.

What is the difference of leadership and management?

Leadership is all about influencing others. Management is about controlling others.

A leader inspires others while a manager directs them.

A leader motivates people and keeps them on task.

A leader develops people; a manager manages people.

What are management concepts?

Management Concepts are the management principles and practices that managers use in managing people and resources. They cover topics such as job descriptions and performance evaluations, human resource policies, training programs, employee motivation, compens systems, organizational structure, among others.

What is the difference between project and program?

A project is temporary, while a program lasts forever.

Projects usually have a goal and a deadline.

It is often performed by a team of people, who report back on someone else.

A program often has a set goals and objectives.

It is often done by one person.


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Example of research articles in Journal Supply Chain Management