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Ball State Career Fair

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Cardinal Job Fair is an event that brings together many disciplines. All visitors must adhere the same safety guidelines. Open to all, the fair offers a wide range of career opportunities including financial and healthcare services. Students are welcome to attend. Here are some of these benefits. Also, find out about the impact the career fair has on Ball State students. These safety guidelines are important to remember when you visit these events next year.

Cardinal Job Fair features a range of disciplines

The Cardinal Job Fair at Ball State University is a multi-discipline career recruitment event. The fair hosts thousands of students each semester and has a 93-percent career placement rate. Cardinal Career Link will allow employers to register. The fair is completely free. Ball State University Career Center has free parking, lunch, snacks, and after-hours drinks. Employers can access a list of job candidates through the app.

All attendees must follow safety guidelines

The Ball State Career Fair is a great place to meet prospective employers and kickstart your career. The university hosts more than 300 companies annually and attracts many recent graduates and students to this event. Graduates of the university are highly sought after by many companies, because they have the real-world experience and the educational background to contribute to their chosen fields. The university also has an excellent record of career placement, with a 93 percent rate.

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You should familiarize yourself with safety guidelines before you go to the fair. Follow the Career Coach's instructions and wear a mask. Second, make an appointment for the Career Coach if one is not already available. Cardinal Career Link allows you to make an appointment with a career coach. The third step is to create an account. If you forget your password, click the "forgot account" link at the login page.

Attending the Cardinal Job Fair has many benefits

Participating in the Ball State Career Fair is a great experience. This gives you the chance to meet employers from different industries. It is a good idea to research potential employers in advance and prioritize the employers you wish to meet. You won't waste your time trying to decide who to speak to. You can also prepare a game plan. You'll be more prepared to get the most out of the fair.

During the fair, you'll meet companies and recruiters from various fields. Many companies have been attending the fair for over 30+ years. This allows you to find the right fit for your career. The career fair will have hundreds of companies that can help you find a job. There are also opportunities to make long-lasting relationships at the career show. Ball State Career Center students are often considered 12 to 18 months ahead than most new hires. This makes them an invaluable addition to your team.

Ball State students see the Cardinal Job Fair as a positive influence

The Cardinal Job Fair is a popular Ball State University recruiting event that brings together potential employers and students in person. This in-person job fair has a high success rate with 93 percent of the participants being placed in a career. You will also find a parking spot, lunch, and a snack at the fair. Cardinal Career Link also lists the expected employers to attend.

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Many of the employers who attended the fair were looking for graduates from Ball State. They want young professionals who are able to put their education into action. A Graduate School Expo will also take place at the fair. It brings together diverse firms from many disciplines. Students can find out about career opportunities in historic preservation and interior design as well as landscape architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture. Career assistance will also be offered by the Career Assistance Program. These services will help students make connections that will lead to successful careers.

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Ball State Career Fair